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The Coming Great Calamity by Marvin Moore

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From the Author of "The Crisis of the End Time."

Are you prepared for your world to be shaken to its very foundations?

Religion will control the governments of our world just before Jesus comes again. The Bible predicts it. But something drastic will have to happen between now and then to allow spiritual powers to capture not only the attention, but the blind obedience, of the secular masses who today scoff at religion.

Marvin Moore calls our attention to startling biblical predictions about what lies ahead. Everything could change in the twinkling of an eye—as a response to calamities beyond anything humanity has ever experienced.

Forewarned is forearmed. Be prepared to live through the events that will usher in a new world order. The Coming Great Calamity is a forewarning. It is up to you to be forearmed.

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Paper Back
Publisher: PPPA
Printed: 1997
Pages: 190

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Paradigm Shift

Chapter 2—God's Weapons
Chapter 3—The Coming Judgments of God
Chapter 4—Signs in the Heavens: Part 1
Chapter 5—Signs in the Heavens: Part 2
Chapter 6—Balls of Fire
Chapter 7—Paradigm Shifts and Bible Prophecy
Chapter 8—Paradigm Shifts and Disasters

Chapter 9—Disasters and Millennarian Movements
Chapter 10—A Modern Deception
Chapter 11—A Different View of the End Time
Chapter 12—Disasters and the Crisis in Revelation 13
Chapter 13—Our Responsibility to the World
Chapter 14—Preparing for the Disasters Ahead
Chapter 15—Facing the End Time Without Fear

APPENDIX A—Reflection son the Close of Probation
APPENDIX B—Questions About Christ's Object Lessons

ISBN: 0816313547

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ISBN13: 978-0816313549

Publisher: Pacific Pr Pub Assn (March 1, 1997)

Language: English

Subcategory: Theology

The Coming Great Calamity
Christian Books & Bibles
Author: Marvin Moore
Title: The Coming Great Calamity