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Great Astronomers (Classic Reprint)

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Great Astronomers (Classic Reprint)
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Great Astronomers (Classic Reprint)
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There are many types of astronomers from the stargazer who merely watches the heavens, to the abstract mathematician who merely works at his desk ;it has, consequently, been necessary in the case of some lives to adopt a very different treatment from that which seemed suitable for others. While the work was in progress, some of the sketches appeared in Good Words. The chapter on Brinkley has been chiefly derived from an article on the History of Dunsink Observatory, which was published on the occasion of the Tercentenary celebration of the University of Dublin in 1892, and the life of Sir William Rowan Hamilton is taken, with a few alterations and omissions, from an article contributed to the Quarterly Review on Graves life of the great mathematician. The remaining chapters now appear for the first time. For many of the facts contained in the sketch of the late Professor A dams. I am indebted to the obituary notice written by my friend Dr. J. W. L. Glaisher, for the Royal Astronomical Society ;while with regard to the late Sir George A iry, I have a similar acknowledgment to make toP rofessor H. H. Turner. To my friend Dr. Arthur A. Rambaut I owe my hearty thanks for his kindness in aiding me in the revision of the work. B. S. B, THE OBSERVATORY, CAMBRIDGE. October,
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Great Astronomers (Classic Reprint)
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