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Chemical Bonding in Solids by Jeremy K. Burdett

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In Chemical Bonding in Solids, renowned chemist Jeremy K. Burdett offers a clear and much-needed synthesis of chemical bonding theory and solid state structural considerations. Over the past fifteen years, the delocalized orbital model favored by molecular chemists--the model of choice for understanding a plethora of organic, inorganic, and organometallic chemistry phenomena--has been effectively used for infinite solid-state arrays. In addition, other concepts originating from molecular chemistry--including overlap population analysis, topological aspects of the Hamiltonian matrix, and eigenvalue and eigenvector forms--have been increasingly added to the physicist's arsenal. Focusing on insights proffered by both chemists and physicists, this book documents cutting-edge approaches to the computation of the electronic band structures of materials, attempts to understand their origin, the use of results to make predictions concerning the properties of such materials, and the extraction of general ideas concerning structure and bonding. Copiously illustrated and extremely well-written, Chemical Bonding in Solids is the ideal introduction for graduate students and for researchers interested in applying the latest theoretical ideas to applied efforts in synthesizing and characterizing important new materials.

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Publisher: Oxford University Press (March 30, 1995)

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Chemical Bonding in Solids
Science & Math
Author: Jeremy K. Burdett
Title: Chemical Bonding in Solids