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How Do They Do That? by Caroline Sutton

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How Do They Do That? by Caroline Sutton
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How Do They Do That? by Caroline Sutton
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  • How do they make mirrors?
  • How do sword swallowers swallow swords?
  • How does a Polaroid picture develop in broad daylight?
  • How do camels go without water?
  • How do they splice genes?
  • How do they create spectacular fireworks?

How indeed?

Ever found yourself wide-eyed at the wonders of science? Awestruck by the arts? Mystified by the miracles of nature or the marvels of technology?

Relief is at hand. Within these pages answers abound. How Do They Do That? clarifies what used to mystify. It explains the inexplicable and makes known the unknown.

Here is a book for both the mildly curious and the grand inquisitor. Take a few hours or take a few minutes to browse through this repository of riddles revealed. You'll discover that it's not hocus-pocus that put the whole pear in the bottle of pear brandy or sorcery that suspends a suspension bridge. But if not by magic, how do they do that?

The answer awaits within. A questioner's cure, an anodyne of answers, How Do They Do That? is a puzzler's paradise.

Caroline Sutton, a graduate of Wesleyan University, fives in New York City, where she writes and edits for the Hilltown Press.

ISBN: 068801111X

Rating: 4.6/5

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ISBN13: 978-0688011116

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks; 1 edition (July 1, 1982)

Language: English

Subcategory: Puzzles & Games

How Do They Do That?
Humor & Entertainment
Author: Caroline Sutton
Title: How Do They Do That?